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The 3D&FATreduces traffic interruptions caused by derailments, improving turnover and service and damage to freight caused by derailments is significantly reduced.


The 3D&FAT Systems avoids multiple derailments, since it is able to start stopping the moment the derailment of the first bogie takes place, thereby avoiding greater damage.

Reduce y minimiza

The 3D&FAT reduces the risk of loss of human lives by minimizing the time the train is running with one or various cars derailed

  • 3D&FAT System                                                                                  

    The best and most efficient DDD

    • Prevents disasters
    • Reduce economic damage
    • Reliable at any speed

    3D&FAT System

    Safety and efficiency

    Derailment Detector Device (DDD) 

    and Braking Automatic Train

    Drastically reduces damage derailment

  •   The 3D&FAT Systems, also for passenger trains  

  •                            NEW! The 3D&FAT-SEL is the smart locator of derailed cars 

  • New!
    With VDRD
    the 3D&FAT is

    Avec VDRD le
    3D&FAT est

    Con la VRDR
    el 3D&FAT
    se simplifica

  • It's very difficult to
    avoid derailments

    But with 3D&FAT

    It's very easy to reduce

    their catastrophic effects

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    DDD for Locomotives!

    • Simple
    • Economic
    • Reliable